What you will learn in the best creative writing programs

So, you’re looking to go to college, huh? Well, we don’t blame you! Going to college is by far one of the best experiences you’ll ever have (trust us) and will allow you to have fun, be independent (gulp) and learn a few things on the side. While many people are skeptical about studying through a creative writing program because it’s not a ‘real’ degree – we have some news for you. Creative writing programs have plenty of useful of lessons. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these…

Workshopping will be your best and worst enemy

One of the main things about being a writer is that you actually have to show other people your work. Y’know, that’s kinda what happens. However, to perfect your craft during a creative writing program, you will soon realize that workshopping your writing will be your best and worst enemy. On the one hand, it will showcase all of your skills and push yourself even further every day – but on the other hand, having your writing ripped to shreds is a little heavy on the heart. It hurts for a while, but it’s character building!

You’ll soon find your voice

Nope, a college creative writing program won’t make you lose your voice and magically earn it back again (although that might happen). When we talk about your writing ‘voice’ we mean the kind of tone, personality, and genre that your writing fits into. It may be a classic voice, it might be a humorous (*wink*), or it might be something completely unique. Creative writing programs let you work this out for yourself – but don’t worry if it doesn’t come to your straight away.

What you will learn in the best creative writing programs

You can’t write everything you want

If you’re choosing to study on a creative writing program, there’s a high chance you’re not J.K Rowling just yet – which means you don’t have the ability to write everything you want all day, every day. To pass your exams and creative writing assignments you’ll often have to write in genres that don’t fit your style, topics that don’t interest you, and themes that have nothing to do with your life. This is all part of being a student. You just gotta deal with it.

Reading is one of the best things you could do

We’re gonna go ahead and assume that if you want to be a creative writer, you’re going to love reading – because after all, there’s no point becoming an ice cream taster (i.e., the dream) if you don’t like ice cream. Reading other people’s work, looking into the craft behind constructing novels, poetry or even plays and learning the different ways to write will only help you improve as a writer yourself. Think of it as research, and one day an aspiring creative writer might be reading your books to help them.

It may ruin your love for writing

In today’s day and age, people don’t necessarily need creative writing degrees or courses to help them succeed in the field. Sure, it gives them vital information, but some of the best creative writers in the world have never workshopped a piece in their life. This is because there is a chance that a creative writing program will ruin your love for writing. These programs require structure, patience, and rules, which is not how everyone works. On the other hand, it could make you fall in love with writing even more!

What you will learn in the best creative writing programs

There are hundreds of creative writing programs out there in the world, so if you’re looking to explore the creative genius inside of you, you better get your pen and paper ready.