9 countries where you can go to college for free (or close to it)

College is an important step in life for many people. It is the place where students make the transition from living at home to being an adult, where they learn what they need to know to enter their desired profession.

Higher education might be crucial, but in a lot of places it’s very hard to come up with enough money to pay for your degree. However, if you are dreaming about going to college for free, you’re in luck. The governments in some countries have implemented plans to make higher level education free, or nearly free. Below is a list of such countries, where you can go to college for free, or close to it.

1. Finland

Before 2017, both local and international students paid zero tuition fees in state universities in Finland. This, however, changed when the government introduced a $1,650 charge for international students being instructed in English, with an exception given to those with very high grades.

2. Germany

There’s a high demand for skilled workers in Germany, and so the government has made a tremendous effort to make education accessible. That’s why no tuition is paid in the public universities of the country, including the most prestigious schools like the University of Bonn and Munich.

9 countries where you can go to college for free (or close to it)

3. Slovenia

Universities in this country offer many courses in English, which means international students can access education without needing to learn the host language. Another plus to studying in this country is that it’s close to holiday destinations like Italy and Cyprus, that you can take a trip during your vacations.

4. France

Even though it’s not entirely free, France’s tuition model charges international students within the European Union depending on their family income. In the past, most classes were taught in French, but changes have been made and English is used in some universities.

5. Brazil

You might be surprised to see this one on the list, but Brazil also offers free college education to its citizens. What’s more, the free colleges, known as federal universities, are considered more prestigious than the private ones that requires tuition fees. There has been criticism, however, on the admission criteria, as most of the students enrolled in these free colleges come from middle class and wealthy families.

9 countries where you can go to college for free (or close to it)

6. Norway

In public universities in Norway, tuition is free and students have the opportunity to study at the most prestigious schools like Oslo and Bergen to earn their degrees. The only downside to studying in Norway is the harsh winters and high cost of living.

7. Denmark

Learning is free in all public universities and lower level schools in Denmark. Free education is offered to locals, people with resident visas, Faroe Islanders, Greenland citizens, and most people from European Union countries.

8. Belgium

Education in Belgium is very affordable, and it’s easy to get internships and placements after completion of courses. There’s a high quality infrastructure which ensures students get both theoretical and practical knowledge.

9. Austria

Austrian universities offer a wide range of programs in many different subjects. The tuition fees are next to nothing, which makes the country suitable for international students. The cost of living is very affordable and top universities include Vienna and the University of Innsbruck.