The best non-Ivy schools you can find in the US

There’s a commonly held assumption that the best schools in the United States are the Ivy League ones. And, while that is true to an extent, it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to attend an Ivy League school if you want a great education. There are loads of wonderful schools out there that are non-Ivy league establishments.

Choosing the right school for you is the most important thing. Sure, you need to make certain you are picking a school with a good reputation, and one that you feel will improve and further your education. But, it is also crucial that you choose a school that is the right fit for you, and this takes time and planing. Check out some of the best non-Ivy League schools on this list below.

Georgia Institute of Technology

This is one of the Universities on this list that gives you the best amount of bang for your buck. GIT is one of the finest institutions in the country, and the college offers a diverse range of subjects. You’re not going to have to deal with the price range of places like Yale and Harvard, and you can still have the complete college experience, as well as getting a great education at the end of your three-year stint as well.

The best non-ivy schools you can find in the US

Texas Rice University

It’s not just the interesting name that should attract attention with this bad boy. Texas Rice is one of the most awesome colleges in the country and provides graduates the opportunity to make an early career salary of more than $60,000. It’s also one of the country’s major research universities, playing a big role in the development of science and technology. The university is very generous with its financial aid and has actually rated as wealthier than Brown and Dartmouth, two Ivy League schools.

University of California at Berkeley

There should be no surprises seeing UC Berkeley on this list, it’s rated as the best public school in the United States. They only accept around 18 out of every 100 applicants who apply, so they are clearly a school with a lot of prestige. The college ranks as the best in the country for environmental engineering and comes below only Harvard and Princeton in philosophy. With an ultra-high student satisfaction rating, this is definitely a college you need to get on your list.

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is considered to be one of the flagship schools in the public schooling system, and it’s definitely one you should be taking a look at. It offers a more than 10% return on investment for graduates, and is also one of the most diverse universities in the country, with only 55% of students being white.

The best non-ivy schools you can find in the US

These are some of the best Universities in the country that are not Ivy League schools. In fact, many of them are considered to be almost as good. They are certainly schools that you need to consider when you’re looking for somewhere to go to college. Getting the right college choice is ideal, and you have to make sure you check out some of these before you make your mind up.