The best universities in Australia

If you’re a high school student looking to go to college, you might be wondering which college to choose. Although you could stay close to home, there’s a part of you that wants to travel the world, make mistakes, fall in love with strangers and explore unknown territories. So, what’s stopping you?! Studying abroad gives you a perfect chance to see what the rest of the world has to offer, meet new people, test your limits, and study somewhere completely new. You can start afresh. But which country do you choose? In our eyes, it’s obvious. You go Down Under, of course!

5. Monash University

If you fancy setting up shop in the up and coming area of Melbourne, Victoria – then Monash University could be for you! As the first university in the whole of Australia to be named after a person (Sir John Monash, to be exact) this university has since made waves in the country and has become extremely popular and successful. With notable alumni to its name, Monash has not only impacted the country, but it has also expanded into the world – as this college has bases in Malaysia, Italy, India, and China.

4. University of Queensland

If you’re the kind of person who is willing to work extra hard for their degree, then you’ll probably love the University of Queensland. Out of the 38,000 students that the University of Queensland teaches each year, around 12,000 of them are international students…and you could be one of them! With some of the best Ph.D. courses in the country, this college is also perfect if you’re looking for a postgraduate experience in the beautiful Brisbane.

3. University of Sydney

Amazingly, the University of Sydney was founded in 1851 – which makes it the oldest college in the whole of Australia! Students of this university choose Sydney for the place, the people, and the professors because this city offers an incredible social life, but the university itself offers high-class teaching that will leave your head filled with knowledge. As if that wasn’t enough, this university has also had notable alumni walk through its hallowed halls, including five Australian prime ministers.

2. Australian National University

As one of the most modern universities in the country, the Australian National University was founded in 1946 by parliament for postgraduate study. Located in Canberra, this university prides itself on its research facilities and high-profile colleges within the university – including the College of Asia & The Pacific, the College of Health & Medicine, the College of Law and more. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the university is even run by the Nobel laureate, Brian Schmidt.

1. University of Melbourne

In the number one top spot is the University of Melbourne, which was founded back in 1853. Students from a whopping 130 countries travel across the world to have a chance to study at this prestigious university and take in the impressive knowledge that is kept within its walls. With around 42,000 students to its name, you definitely won’t be short of a friend or two as you make your way around Melbourne.

Australia is a huge tourist trap, but it’s easy to see why so many people who visit the country end up staying there permanently. What if you could study, learn and live within this epic country? Well, you could!