College courses that you won’t believe actually exist

Students in college are at a crossroads every single semester when trying to figure out which courses to take. Even though they might already have their majors set in stone, there are still other classes that they need to choose to complete their coursework for the year, and this is where these courses come into play.

We find it hard to believe that these classes truly exist, but they are out there and actually do teach valuable lessons for a variety of reasons. In this article, we list a few of the college courses that you won’t believe actually exist at prestigious colleges, but in reality actually teach students important lessons about life that everyone should know.

College courses that you won’t believe actually exist

Kanye Versus Everybody

Kanye West is a hot topic all around the United States because of his crazy antics and the behaviors that he exhibits. This is the very reason why there is a class entitled Kanye Versus Everybody: Black Poetry and Poetics from Hughes to Hip-Hop. This class is an option that you can choose at a Georgia State University. Everyone knows that Kanye West is an opinionated man with many different views on the world, and this class uses him as an example to further explore the social and political standings of black culture in poetry in general.

The Sociology Of Miley Cyrus

This class offered at Skidmore College looks at singer and personality Miley Cyrus and all of her many transformations throughout her career, to explore intersectional workings and the media’s part in all of it. Miley Cyrus sure has come a long way from a Disney darling, and we can learn a lot from her journey.

The Hunger Games Class: Class, Politics, And Marketing

The Hunger Games has been hugely popular as not only a book series, but as a film franchise as well. This is why American University in Washington, D.C. has decided to use The Hunger Games as a stepping stone to delve into some of the deeper issues in the world, which include subjects on class and different degrees of social standings, along with ethics. This class looks at these topics and parallels the subjects in The Hunger Games with happenings in the real world.

College courses that you won’t believe actually exist

Philosophy Of Star Trek

You might be surprised to hear that there is a real college course involving Star Trek, but that is exactly the case at Georgetown University. The class goes into the many ponderings of philosophy that present themselves repeatedly throughout the show.

All of these courses may seem a little bit off the wall when you look only at their names, but once you see what it is that students are learning about by using key figures and popular works of art to further investigate deeper meaning in the real world, you will understand that these institutions are just helping to make learning a little more fun. When taught in such a memorable and interesting way, these important and profound lessons are much more likely to stay with students.