How to tell when it’s time to switch majors

One pretty common, but still terrifying, thing that often happens when you are in college is the moment (or many moments!) where you wonder if you made the right decision. Is this the path you want to go down? Have you made a mistake? Are you studying the wrong major? A lot of students will have this existential crisis, at least once during their time at college, but here is how to tell when it really is time to switch majors.

When you dread the subjects

When you choose your major, you might not realize exactly what it entails, and a few weeks down the line, you are suddenly dreading any class related to it. If you aren’t enjoying any aspect of your major, then chances are you won’t enjoy a job in that field either, and it might be time to switch.


You felt forced into the decision

Just because your parents are lawyers, and your older brother followed suit, that doesn’t mean that it’s the path for you. Feeling pressured into declaring a major will leave you feeling resentful and miserable, which is far worse than explaining to your parents that you won’t be following in their footsteps.

You’re failing miserably

If you are trying hard, but still getting poor grades, then perhaps this particular major isn’t for you. It can be pretty heartbreaking to realize that you aren’t good at something that you wanted to pursue, but there is only so much you can do. It’s better to realize it now when you are able to change to something else, than when you are trying to find a career in the field.

You’re not excited about a career in the field

If you don’t feel any level of excitement into the future career options that come with your major, you are probably studying the wrong thing. Without that excitement, you won’t have the motivation needed to build contacts, get experience and work hard. When it comes to choosing what to change to, think first about careers that excite and inspire you and choose a major that will help you get there.


Something doesn’t feel right

Sometimes we just have to trust our gut instinct when it comes to life decisions. Perhaps you can’t put your finger on it, but you have a niggling feeling that you should be switching. If this is a thought that keeps reoccurring or a feeling you can’t shake off, then perhaps it’s a sign that you should at least consider it. Speak to a professor or advisor and discuss your options to see how you feel. You may end up feeling more certain about your major after a conversation, but with any level of doubt, it can’t hurt to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Changing your major might seem very daunting, but if it’s the right decision for you, then it is worth it. Around 80% of students change their major at least once, so it’s okay if that’s the path for you!