Top colleges for financial aid

Looking for the right college can be as difficult as it is exciting. And for most of us, cost plays a massive role. Once we add up the cost of tuition and living expenses, the figures can make us rather dizzy. But don’t push aside a high priced institution too quickly. Financial aid could come to the rescue. If a student doesn’t have the funds available but has proven themselves academically, or on the sports field, the college could see that student as a possible asset and offer to pay a large portion of the tuition on the student’s behalf. Some colleges have such good financial aid that the fees can be less than a community college. Let’s take a look at some of the top colleges for financial aid.

Pomona College

Based in Claremont, California, Pomona College is part of the Claremont colleges group. The aim of this group of colleges is to create significant socio-economic diversity within its students. So although it is tough to enter and be accepted, the college is, in essence, need-blind and will assist the students in any way they can. The average scholarship is around $50000, making out of pocket fees around $17000.

Top colleges for financial aid

Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut is home to one of the most prestigious colleges in the USA, Yale University. This generous college budgets for and hands out $140million in need-based financial aid scholarships each year. The average scholarship is around $48000 a year, taking the out of pocket expenses for tuition and boarding down to a mere $17000.

Princeton University

This very well known Ivy League school has surely been the dream for many students to attend. Most of whom probably never even attempted to enter because of the $62,750 annual fee for tuition and boarding. In reality, though, Princeton University is one of the leading institutions in the fight against student debt. Students who qualify for the generous financial aid, averaging on $51000, are also assisted with non-pay back grants for the remaining $11000.

Vassar College

This is one of the most highly-priced colleges in the country. Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, Vassar College is a top liberal arts school that is tough to get into. That being said, if you are lucky enough to be accepted, the chances of landing a scholarship are good too. The average need-based scholarship is around $48000. That will take tuition and boarding fees right down to around $22000 per year.

Top colleges for financial aid

Bowdoin College

Located in Brunswick, Maine, this small but prestigious college boasts a massive 52% of its students making use of need-based financial aid. The cost of tuition and boarding here is $68,620. The average financial aid scholarship is around $44,824 taking the final out-of-pocket amount to $23,796. That’s a big difference, and way more affordable.

Regardless of the financial constraints a student has, it is absolutely possible to go to a good college. However, one thing that all these institutions have in common is what it takes to qualify. These colleges receive more applications than what they have space for, and there are very high standards that need to be upheld. As a result, the selection process is tough and only those with really great grades and who have worked hard at school will be considered.