The university courses you should avoid studying if you want to be rich, according to research

We all know the importance of studying at a university/college if you want to get that dream job and earn your millions. Not all degrees, however, will help you get rich. It’s important to make the right decision when picking a university degree. All jobs are of course important and necessary in our society but it definitely will not line your pockets. Most of these degrees will eventually land you up in educating high school students. It’s perfectly fine if that is what you want to do and surely very rewarding, but they are not high paying degrees (as the annual income in brackets shows), unfortunately. The following degrees are considered to pay the lowest amount of yearly income.

The university courses you should avoid studying if you want to be rich, according to research

1. Social studies ($30, 489)

Social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence, as defined by the National Council for Social Studies. Most students study social studies in school from a young age already and it’s the basis of many other classes like history and geography. This is typically a 3-year university degree for full-time students. Some work opportunities include teaching, research assistant, market analyst, and social work.

2. English studies ($29, 367)

This is the study of literature, composition, language arts, sociolinguistics, history of English, and the learning and teaching of English. It is not to be confused with teaching English to foreign students but rather the study of the English language. The most common jobs available for English Studies graduates are high school teachers, copywriters, and copy editors. Depending on the country you are studying in, it typically takes 3-4 years to earn your degree.

3. Historical and philosophical studies ($31, 383)

This degree explores different areas of human history, different religions, and the writings of some famous philosophers. Many philosophy and history majors work in libraries, museums, or continue their research at universities. Teaching at a school is also an option as a history teacher. Other people prefer going into ethics.

4. Biological sciences ($30, 141)

This is the study of living organisms and how they relate to their specific environment. It is recommended to do further studies in this field if you really want to earn money. Some jobs that you can get with this degree include high school teacher, zoologist, and forensic science technician. It typically takes 4 years to complete this degree.

The university courses you should avoid studying if you want to be rich, according to research

5. Education ($29,956)

Education degrees are typically 4 years long. Most people study education to teach at schools or even at university, where they teach their students to become educators. Depending on where you decide to work, you could potentially earn a reasonable salary but the average school teacher will not earn a lot of money, unfortunately.

6. Creative arts and design ($24,674)

Subjects within creative arts and design include screenwriting, journalism, industrial design, graphic design, fine art, music, photography, and many more. Which area you decide to go into will determine your length of study and how much income you will earn. Many creative arts and design graduates have a wide range of industries to choose from such as; photographers, musicians, music teachers, interior designers, etc. This is mostly a 3-year course but in some instances, it can be even less, especially if you are looking to earn a diploma.