The weirdest fields you can major in while in college

If you’re currently livin’ it large in your college dormitory, you’re probably not paying much attention to the work you’re doing. Sure, you’re TRYING to turn up to your classes – but you can’t promise anything, right? If your body needs a nap, you’ve just got to give it what it needs. Of course, there may be a little part of your brain that is wondering if you could get out of majoring in accountancy or English and try something cool and unique instead. After all, numbers and words are laaaaame. If this is you, these weirdest fields you can major in while in college could be for you.


If you’ve always fancied going to Carnegie Mellon University but never been quite sure what major to take, you need look no further – because we’ve found the perfect major for you. You might want to purchase some ear defenders and skip classes after you’ve had a big night, but a major in Bagpiping could really get you ready for a career in…. Err…. bagpiping? Go on; you know you want to.

Fermentation Sciences

We know what you’re thinking, you just REALLY love fermented fruit and vegetables, right? However, if you’re fed up with letting other people do the fermenting for you – you should totally learn how to do it yourself! By taking a fermentation science major, you will be able to learn the science behind the process, as well as the effects this form of food production has on the rest of the world. We bet you’d be able to get some awesome souvenirs to take home from this major.


Have you ever watched an auction show on TV and thought, “Yeah, I can totally do that!” when the auctioneers spout their mumbo-jumbo at the speed of light? Well, you can actually major in auctioneering at college. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of an auction house, including the process of obtaining and appraising items, all while practicing your speedy auctioneers chant. It’s going once; it’s going twice, aaaaaaand it’s gone!

Puppet Arts

This is one for the creative types – because who doesn’t want to spend their days pretending to be someone else? At the University of Connecticut, undergraduates can get their major in puppet arts, where you will learn everything from the art of the puppet to puppet performances, and how to create, build and maintain your own puppet! If you’re going into the world of theater, this could actually be a great addition to your resume that will help you (and your puppet) stand out from the crowd.

Bowling Industry Management and Technology

If you love to spend your free time down the bowling lanes practicing your swing, this college major might be for you. The bowling industry management and technology major gives fanatics an “overall learning and preparation for employment” within the bowling industry, and will teach you everything from the pricing and marketing side of the business to the technology behind the pins. After all, haven’t you always wondered how they just disappear like that?

Canadian Studies

If you’re currently living in America and wondering what your neighbors are doing across the border, you can now find out! At Duke University, you can major in Canadian studies, and understand all you could possibly know about the country – from what the people are like, to the geographical climate, and their exports. There really isn’t anything better!

Choosing the right major for you can be difficult, and none of us want to follow the crowd and take a major that everyone else has got. Nope, you want to stand out of the crowd and showcase the fact that you are keen for weird and wacky knowledge – which is why these weird college majors could be absolutely perfect for you.