The most accurate college movies and TV shows ever

Many of us have seen some of the typical college movies and TV shows that depict the popular student learning how to be humble or the underdog who finally makes it on campus, but what about the accurate ones? Thankfully, there are a few of those out there after all.

Fresh Meat

This British sitcom has given us all plenty to laugh at over the years – especially as so many of us have seen ourselves in the characters. The show focuses on six students who are all forced to live together away from the campus, but with so many differences amongst them, it seems as though they are going to have to work hard if they want to learn how to get along. Thankfully, none of them seem to be too worried about life after university – a struggle that many students face.


Felicity was the drama show that saw many of us on the edge of our seats back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. Why? The leading character was about to pack in her eternal dreams of heading off to Stanford so she could follow her crush all the way to New York City. Sure, it might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, breaking away from her plans meant we got to watch as Felicity learned how to discover her inner self after so long.

Pitch Perfect

Although Pitch Perfect might not be the ultimate example of life at college, the movies help to showcase the team spirit and love for extra-curricular activities that many of us have throughout our time on campus. After all, imagine risking your entire education to take home the winning capella title? That’s major dedication. Not everyone is in a musical group. However, many students can relate to their own college passions.


This brand new show looks set to capture life on college campuses that most of us can relate to thanks to our time at school. Zoey first hit our screens in Black-ish before she headed off to college for her very own spin-off show. Now, we get to watch as Zoey learns about everything that comes with college life, even if that does include those 2am text messages, realizing that she has plenty to learn, and dancing herself silly at parties.

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World was the show that many of us turned to as we learned about life all the way through school up to college. The intricate love storylines, getting married, and learning how to grow close to their teachers gave us a chance to see the emotional side of being a college student. In fact, it’s watching how everyone’s relationship continue to grow while on the campus that makes this show so accurate.

Although some movies and TV shows have created mythical colleges that none of us could ever believe, it seems as though some have been able to showcase an accurate look at what life on campus is really like after all.