Great ideas for movie marathon evenings

Nothing can beat a great movie marathon, it’s not every day that you get hours and hours of guilt-free entertainment alongside your best buds. Not to mention it’s perfect if you don’t want to go out and spend a load of cash; just grab some popcorn and snacks, a blanket, and some drinks and give in to some of your guilty pleasures. If you’re desperate for a movie marathon but have no idea what you should watch, here are some great ideas.

Disney Classics

There is no way you’re going to be able to make it through every Disney movie in one night, there just aren’t enough hours. What you could do is gather up the Disney classics, they’re probably the ones you haven’t seen in a while, and they’re a lot of fun, not to mention hugely nostalgic. Start with the first Disney movie with Snow White and make your way through them, including Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty; all the movies that shaped millions of children’s childhood.

Great ideas for movie marathon evenings

Baz Luhrmann

Back in the day people just couldn’t get enough of Baz Luhrmann, he was a movie genius, bringing us the likes of Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, and The Great Gatsby, and who can get enough of that? They always seem somehow a bit tragic, but what’s a movie marathon without a little bit of tragedy? Get the tissues ready and huddle together, you’re going to need it.

Twilight Saga

Before you sigh and wave this one off claiming that they’re not as good as the books, we hear you, but you know what they are? An absolute hooter of an evening. Chuck these on and you’ll be entertained the entire night, laughing at your younger self for being on team Edward when Jacob was clearly the better choice. Okay, we won’t get into that now, it’s one of those debates that no one can win. However, this five-movie saga is honestly great for a movie marathon night.

Great ideas for movie marathon evenings

Lord of the Rings

So, you may need longer than a night, possibly a whole day and night, but it’s doable and totally worth it. Lord of the Rings are iconic movies that stand the test of time, and there’s always something else you probably didn’t notice before. If you want to get brown capes or a beard and a staff then we’re not here to judge you, in fact, we’ll be actively encouraging it. Either way, it’s an intense ride, filled with laughter, adventure, and friendship; what could be better than that? Well, only one thing comes to mind…

Harry Potter

The ultimate movie night marathon evening. You’ll notice how this list has increased with intensity as you’ve gone down it, choose your marathon evening wisely, and if you think you’re strong enough for Harry Potter, then you may proceed with caution. While it might start off all red scarves and battered broomsticks in the first movie, you’re biting your nails and holding your pillow by the last. This eight-movie saga will require 19 hours and 39 minutes, not including breaks for the bathroom or for food, sure you can do it in two parts, but where’s the fun in that? It’ll be a unique experience as you follow the dark path of Harry and his friends.

There are plenty of ways to plan a movie marathon, just think of a theme you all love and go from there.