The best backpacking destinations for students on a budget

There is nothing more satisfying than taking an incredible trip overseas without breaking your budget. However, the fun seems to end there when you think about the finances involved. Contrary to the belief that traveling is all expensive, there are destinations that are pocket-friendly. Here are some of the best backpacking destinations for students on a budget.


Since Indonesia is a developing country, life is still cheap there. You can visit the many islands, and there are virtually hundreds of pocket-friendly lodges. The Sumatra region is particularly intriguing to many, and while there you will be able to enjoy the morning breeze blowing off the sea. There are a good number places to stay that offer great service at student-friendly prices.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a holiday and honeymoon destination for many, and has become an expensive destination to visit over time. However, there are tricks you can use to ensure maximum savings and minimal spending while still having fun. To begin with, you can minimize on accommodation by camping, couch-surfing, and sleeping at a backpackers hostel. This way you won’t miss out on the beautiful shorelines, the active volcanoes, and the rich biodiversity this destination has to offer.

The best backpacking destinations for students on a budget


Over the years, Turkey has become known as a great backpackers’ destination. This is largely attributed to what Turkey has to offer as a tourist destination. From the rich history to the magnificent landscapes, Turkey is quickly gaining popularity. With a rich culture, delicious food, and many beautiful sights, you’ll also get to feel what it was like to live there in the 15th century.


This is one of the cheapest destinations you can visit. The people in Peru are very friendly and would be honored to have you around. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that most people here don’t speak much English. Equipping yourself with a little Spanish will allow you to have a smooth stay.


You cannot talk about backpackers destinations without mentioning Nepal. This is home to world tallest mountain – Mount Everest. And have you ever heard of the Garden of Dreams? This is where you will find it. Nepal is actually a very popular destination among many tourists.

The best backpacking destinations for students on a budget


Many see Albania as a cheap alternative to both Italy and Greece, which require deep pockets. While in Albania, you will be able to appreciate the breathtaking Mediterranean coastlines and the local architecture which has been influenced largely by the Ottoman Empire.


This country is not one of the most talked about tourist destinations, yet it has a lot to offer. Visit the city of Granada to appreciate old buildings dating back to the colonial period. If you love aquatic life then a 30-minute drive to Masaya will allow you to enjoy the warm blue waters of Laguna de Apoyo.

All the above destinations are pocket-friendly destinations you should consider putting on your travel list, especially if you are a student looking to save on cost. Being a student does not necessarily mean that you can’t travel – there are cheap and equally good destinations you can still visit and enjoy.