Where can you meet guys like the people in The Big Bang Theory in real life?

The Big Bang Theory has often been hailed as one of the best sitcoms of all time. The accurate representation of nerd culture, the specific sci-fi and comic book references, and the perfect comic timing of the actors helped this show gain popularity. Catchphrases like “Bazinga” and other shenanigans have made characters like Sheldon Cooper and Leonard household names.

The show has been running for 12 seasons as of 2018, and its popularity seems to be growing with each passing season attracting new fans and keeping the regulars glued to their seats. Most of the episodes contain tributes to sci-fi entertainment and the themes constantly revolve around physics, science fiction, and relationships. It is also worth a mention that several prominent scientists have made appearances as themselves on the show.

Where can you meet guys like the people in The Big Bang Theory in real life?

The Big Bang Theory revolves around Leonard and Sheldon’s antics. They are both physicists with high IQs who teach at Caltech. They live in Pasadena, California and share an apartment. They are friends with astrophysicist Raj and aerospace engineer Howard Horowitz, who happen to share an apartment in the same building.

The setting of the show is pretty standard for a sitcom; friends sharing apartments in the same building, a live audience, and a three-camera setup. The individual episodes, however, can be quite nuanced with attention to detail that is lacking in most other TV shows. The sub-tropes of comic books which are explored vividly in the show are another nod to pop-culture. Comic book culture is catching on after the success of superhero movies. Earlier, when the show initially started airing, comic books were associated with geek culture and the show is the homage to geek and nerd culture.

A common theme of the show is the main characters’ social awkwardness. The stars of the show are all very intelligent nerds who find it difficult to interact with other human beings. You might argue that elements like Sheldon’s germophobia or Leonard’s lactose intolerance might be exaggerated gags, but it is in the nature of sitcoms to reduce their characters to caricatures to make them more universally appealing.

However, with new seasons and cast members, it became quite obvious that the show did not generalize nerd culture but focused on the main characters and their unique personality traits. The depiction of several mental disorders like OCD and anxiety might have been played for long-running gags but were intelligent and realistic disorders.

Where can you meet guys like the people in The Big Bang Theory in real life?

If you wish to find people who are similar to the characters from the show, you need to find out the places comic book nerds and scientists frequent. A lot of people who are fans of any form of entertainment can be found seeking like-minded people all over the internet through fan clubs and societies. If you are into superheroes like the characters from the show, you can find online communities dedicated to the same. Comic-cons and events all over the world have made it easier for geeks to socialize and talk about their interests and passions. The truth is, people like the characters on The Big Bang Theory are all around us.