Decompressing between finals

The time between finals can be one of the most difficult in which to relax. Taking any time out feels as if you’re stealing time from studying. But decompressing during finals is so important to stop yourself from becoming overstressed and going insane. The trick is finding activities that don’t take huge amounts of time but are also incredibly relaxing. Here are some ways to decompress between finals.


Exercise is the perfect way to decompress because it gets the blood flowing after hours of sitting in a chair. It also releases positive mood hormones called endorphins that make you feel much better and will help in the next session of studying. Those who exercise as a form of decompression will tell you that it feels much better to run (for example) for 30 minutes as compared to watching TV for the same amount of time because you feel like you’ve accomplished something in that time.

Decompressing between finals

Reward yourself

To keep yourself motivated and to remind yourself of the job well done, you can reward yourself with small treats. Rewards make you feel better about yourself and what you are accomplishing and break the cycle of stress. Everyone knows how easy it is to lose interest if you have to work hard and feel like you are getting nothing in return!

Go out with friends

One of the ways you can reward yourself is by going out with your friends. Social interaction is very important because otherwise you’ll spend all day in a locked up room becoming very lonely and de-motivated. Friends give you the chance to disconnect and share your feelings of stress – just to unload a little.

Spend some time in the sun

In the same way that being lonely during finals can be quite depressing, staying indoors the entire time is not healthy. Take some time to relax in the sun. This also helps to get the blood flowing and helps to lift energy levels so that you can study for longer. It might also help kickstart that post-finals vacation tan!

Mindful meditation

One of the simplest ways to decompress is to take some time out, sit quietly, and process your thoughts with meditation. In this time, make sure to acknowledge your feelings of stress and tell yourself it’s okay. It is very important to be positive about yourself and remind yourself that you can do this. The slow breathing of meditation helps control anxiety levels and clear your head for the next round of studying.

Decompressing between finals

Try color therapy

Take just a few minutes out of your schedule to relax and color in some splendid pictures. There are several adult coloring books available at bookstores or there are intricate patterns you can print off the internet. Color therapy is an excellent way to take your mind off of the stress and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something in your downtime.

Get some sleep

The most important way to get your mind right is to get the right amount of sleep. Sleep is very important for consolidating memory and replenishing energy. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll find that it’s difficult to control negative emotions and to retain information. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and nothing seems to calm you down, the most likely thing you need is a nice long nap.