Essential gadgets that you will need for college

Whether term time has just begun or you are halfway through your semester, there are plenty of tools that can help you succeed in your day instead of succumbing to the pressures of student life. If you invest a little in the right areas, you can make your life easier and not have to stress about things that shouldn’t matter anyway!

Utilize the available technology around you and begin to make the most of your time, if you are prepared with the right equipment, then you can become more efficient and de-stress in the process. Our list today hopes to shed some light on the cool gadgets out there that will make this possible for you.

Google Chromecast

This device can plug straight into your HDTV and let you stream media directly from your tablet, cell phone or laptop. At a steal price of $35 RRP, it allows you to install popular apps such as Spotify, HBO, and Netflix (so you can chill). You can also get more out of your studies with Google Chromecast, the features include a way to support Google Docs and Slides so you can take your work or assignments everywhere with you.


The 5TH

Don’t tell me you don’t want to be stylish; every student wants if not NEEDS to look cool in college! A great thing about The 5TH watches and accessories is that each range is only available for a limited period, so you don’t have to walk around seeing people wearing the same things as you. Expect to pay no more than $150 at the top tier for your affordable fashion statements from this cool company. They’re not really a gadget, but it was hard not to mention them on this list.

Love With Food

Keeping your appetite in check with nutritious food is essential for a successful semester. Love With Food are a subscription service that delivers tasty snacks to your front door. Everything delivered to you is organic, GMO-free and gluten free too, so health nuts can order from here being assured that what they are eating matches their dietary preferences. Love With Food make donations to food banks also with prices starting as low as $7.99, so you can eat and be charitable all at once!

Echo Smartpen

The Echo Smartpen is cool for so many reasons; it lets you record but can even translate notes recorded that can be uploaded to your PC or Mac (sounds too good to be true, right?)
$130 spent on a 2gb version could be the best gadget you have treat yourself to in quite a while, plus for those days when you are really tired, the Echo Smartpen picks up on things you may otherwise have missed and forgot to write down!


A pressure cooker

Students don’t usually tend to eat the healthiest selections available; they seem to prefer going for the easy or tasty options, with convenience playing the main essential part! If you invest in a pressure cooker you will be wise, they don’t take up a lot of room and are very versatile and easy to clean. You can cook meats, casseroles, curries or soup in a pressure cooker, cooking meals in bulk from scratch will save you a lot of money and time too, so invest and make your meals the best. A good pressure cooker costs around $99.95 but will last a long time!

Not all gadgets have to follow trends to be useful, so pimp up your collection now and see how much easier life can be with a little investment.