Why everyone will be able to afford a fancy car in 50 years

If you spend a good half an hour every morning try to start your rusty old banger of a car, there’s a high chance that you need an upgrade. However, unless you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a brand new car, you’re just gonna have to settle for a used car that is a few (hundred) years old. After all, what else are you supposed to do? The fancy cars of the future are being sold off to millionaires so that they can post their stories on Instagram, and the closest we’ll ever get to one of those cars is through our phone screens. Kinda sucks, right? Well, it seems our cards may be changing, as there’s a high chance everyone will be able to afford a fancy car in 50 years…

Normal cars are getting cheaper

No matter where you go in the world, there will always be the ‘average’ car that almost everyone can buy. These are the cars that get you from A to B; these are the cars that have all of the normal features you expect from a car – such as airbags, central locking, Bluetooth connectivity, and air conditioning. Yep, these are the Hondas, the Toyotas, and the SUVs, and they all give you exactly what you need for your money. Although many people believe that these cars are getting more expensive as they bring out new models, research suggests that these cars are actually getting cheaper. The Washington Post has noted that the Toyota Camry is 7% cheaper than it was in 1998, the BMW 3-Series is 13% cheaper than it was in 1998, and the Honda Odyssey is 16% cheaper than it was in 1998. But what about fancy cars?

Going electric

Thanks to new legislation around the globe, more and more governments are banning diesel cars and those that negatively contribute to the environment. We’ve gotta save the world, after all! Because of this, some of the greatest scientists alive right now are working on new and inclusive cars that can be used by people who want to be more economically friendly. For the most part, this includes electric cars. In recent years, many people have made the transition to hybrid cars that use both electricity and petroleum – but you had to have a few dollars to pay for those cars. Yep, they were super expensive! Yet, as more and more research is done about these batteries and the science behind the electric vehicles, the cheaper the machinery and the products are becoming. Companies are able to buy the parts for a fraction of the price they used to pay, which is ultimately paying off for the consumer. Soon, we’ll all be thanking Elon Musk for our electric cars!

Going driverless

As well as experimenting with electronic vehicles, some of the leading names in engineering and motoring have also been tinkering with the idea of driverless cars – and hopefully, it won’t cause an accident like in Black Mirror. Companies like Uber are now trialing these cars within their fleet and seeing whether they would be practical in everyday society. With new and improved bodies, top-of-the-range electronics and sleek designs, these cars are as fancy as ever, and they could all be ours in just a few years. As they become more popular, these cars will also reduce in price as manufacturers make them in bulk. So, who’s up for a fancy car?

If you’re looking at your car and wondering where it all went wrong, you don’t need to worry too much – because we’ll all be driving fancy cars in 50 years! We’re so ready.