Gadgets every student needs right now

Life as a student isn’t always a fun-filled ride. College does have its perks, but it’s when the deadlines and exams come knocking that you’re reminded of exactly what you should have been prioritizing on all along: studying. This is why anything that can make the experience a little bit easier and manageable comes in handy.

With the correct gadgets, you can juggle all aspects of your school life without sacrificing your grades. Technological advancements over the years have provided us with a variety of ways to make life less hectic and give you time to relax. Listed below are some of the basic gadgets that are a must have for any student who wants to study smart.

Noise-canceling headphones

If you’re living in a dorm room, these are a must have. They’ll not only help you concentrate when you need to put in some studying or complete assignments, but will also keep you sleeping through noises from next door or in the hallway. With these headphones, you can block out all distractions and focus on your work. They will definitely come in handy when there are parties happening in the dorm.

Gadgets every student needs right now

External hard drive

Whatever you do, always back up your work. Having all your notes, assignments, projects and everything else saved on your computer is convenient, but it’s not enough. Malfunctions do happen and wipe out your data, or you might lose your computer. Keeping all your information on an external hard drive will save you a lot of headache when disaster strikes.

Wifi coffee maker

Coffee is a constant savior to a majority of students who have to pull early mornings, late nights and pay attention all throughout the day. Having your stimulant and source of energy at your disposal is convenient and will save you a lot of cash spent in coffee shops. A smart coffee maker is even better since you can make your cup of coffee through your smartphone while you focus on your studies.


Having somewhere you can print out the hundreds of pages you need to read will save you time, money, and the eye-strain from reading on your laptop.

Ethernet cable

Most school premises likely have a Wifi connection but with the huge number of students tapping in, the connection may not be very strong. Wherever the Wifi is not reliable, you can simply plug in your ethernet cable into an ethernet jack and get your work done fast.

Heated travel mug

We mentioned that coffee is an essential component of most students’ morning and night routines. Having a heated travel mug in hand will come in handy for those morning when you have to rush to class and do not have the time to sit down for a cup of coffee. Keep your coffee warm by plugging the mug into a USB port and you’ll be able to access your stimulating beverage anytime. This means full alertness throughout your day and more focus.

Gadgets every student needs right now

Portable charger

A portable charger ensures that your smartphone or laptop do not go off on you while in the middle of an assignment. It also takes away the worry of a power supply. Being able to do your work anywhere gives you a lot of options and will not keep you stuck in the library or your room.