Master guide to studying abroad in Australia

Australia is a vacationer’s paradise, but it also makes a perfect place for studying abroad. With exotic animals, plenty of sunshine and a great array of colleges, there’s no reason to hold back if you’re interested in going there for your education.

What to pack

Aside from the standard traveling essentials, you’ll want to tailor your wardrobe to whatever part of Australia you’re going to be studying at. Just as the various regions in America have different climates, Australia is diverse in what weather patterns it experiences. The north of the country in areas like Queensland rarely gets cold, which means you’ll want to pack for a year-long summer. Further down in Sydney, the temperatures are a bit milder (though the summer months are still very hot), while in Melbourne, they’re much colder. If you’re going to be studying here, you’ll want to place plenty of warm clothes for winter.

As you’re going to be spending a long time in the country, you don’t need to take a great deal of stuff with you. Most of your clothes you can buy while there if necessary. Make sure you have enough to survive the first few months on, and you’ll be good.

What to study

What you want to study is entirely down to you, but the higher education system works a little differently down in Australia compared to here. Most of their colleges tend to be focused around a specific degree program, such as sports, journalism or the arts. You’ll need to do some research into which colleges offer the kind of degree that you’re interested in, but don’t worry; there are plenty to choose from.

What will it cost

As of 2017, the total fee for an international student doing a year of undergraduate study is AUD 29,235. In American dollars, this translates to something in the region of $22,500. This total is just an average based on more than 4500 degree programs across Australia, which means the actual amount might differ depending on where you decide to go. This is a lot of money, but there is the potential for scholarships or financial aid so don’t stress too much. Just make sure to look at what your options are before making a decision, and you’ll find something that works for you.

Regarding spending money while you’re abroad, you’ll want access to a fair amount, especially if you’re going to be there for months at a time. It’s legal in Australia to drink from the age of 18, and as a student, you’ll probably want to spend your free time enjoying yourself in a new country. Of course, being a student, it’s likely that you won’t have much to go around spending in the first place.

Why study in Australia

There’s so much that makes Australia great, and it’s a perfect place to look at if you’re interested in studying abroad. There’s no language barrier (though you will have that accent to get to grips with) and most of the country is equipped to deal with warmer weather. As an island, there are so many beaches for you to explore, and even if your college ends up being inland, you’re never too far from the coast. Chilling on the beach is a great way to destress from your studies, and the reefs there are stunning to look at. If you choose to study in somewhere like Sydney, you also have an incredible array of cultural spots to visit, including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Studying away from home can be a daunting experience, but it will also make your time as a student incredibly special. There’s never a better time to hop on a plane and see what the world has to offer, so what are you waiting for?