Morning routine hacks that will help you get ready for a day of classes

The dread of climbing out of bed in the early morning is a real feeling felt by all college students who have to attend a full day of classes. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of rolling over for “five more minutes”, which sometimes turns into 40, and then end up running late or missing the first class.

But starting your day right can have many advantages. Getting your mind to be productive in the early morning sets up a good potential for productivity for the rest of the day. There are also the added benefits of more parking spots available if you arrive on campus early.

Morning routine hacks that will help you get ready for a day of classes

Prepare well in advance

Choose clothes the night before

Not many people realize how much time is wasted in the morning picking an outfit for the day. It’s better to pick the outfit the night before so that if you spend your time debating between two outfits, it doesn’t steal from your time for getting ready. Better yet, correlate your outfit with your schedule and the expected weather for the next day.

Prep your makeup the night before

Another time-waster that especially female students don’t often think about is the time taken to find all of the necessary makeup products from that messy drawer or table. If you plan your outfit the night before and set up the appropriate makeup products along with it, you’ll save loads of time in the morning.

Wake up right

Set an enjoyable alarm tone

Waking up is a lot more traumatizing when there is a blaring and annoying alarm playing in the background. Setting an alarm to a tune that you like might have you waking up singing along and in a happy mood. This is a tricky one though because you’ll probably get tired of the song pretty quickly and have to set a new one quite often.


When getting out of bed seems impossible, it’s best to offer yourself a reward, like stopping for a muffin or coffee. The idea of impending gratification gives you just the right amount of motivation to get out of bed and face the day.

Morning routine hacks that will help you get ready for a day of classes

Stay awake

Cold water

A rather vicious way to wake yourself up properly is to drink a gallon of cold water straight after waking up. It sounds unpleasant but it works really well. The cold provides just enough shock to the system to get over that morning fuzziness, plus it rehydrates the body after eight hours of no water intake. The cold water can also be prepared the night before and left next to the bed.

Jumping jacks

Another way to make sure your body stays awake after the alarm goes off is to just jump out of bed and do ten or twenty jumping jacks. The exercise gets the blood circulating and wakes up your brain quickly.

Shower in the morning

If your schedule allows it, it’s better to shower in the morning because it’s more invigorating and helps to wake you up. It is suggested that the temperature is a few settings below a warm relaxing temperature because that might tempt you to stay in the shower forever.

Sit in the front row

Finally, when you get to class, make sure to sit in the front row. Not only does this give easier access to the lecture and the professor but it will also prevent you from falling asleep again.