How to power through when you don’t really like your professor

College is hard enough as it is without having to deal with a professor you don’t like. Considering all the assignments and deadlines you have to worry about, as well as those exams, the last thing you need is a teacher you can’t agree with. However, what are you supposed to do when you find yourself making enemies with your professor? You need their help to make it through your degree, even if you don’t get on with them, so there’s got to be something you can do… right?

Ask for clarity

For some people, the reason they don’t like their professor is that they can’t get on with their style of teaching. Maybe they don’t put much enthusiasm into their lectures, or they’re just not very clear about what it is they’re trying to teach you. It’s unfortunate to end up in this kind of situation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Be confident enough to approach your professor after class and ask them to explain whatever it is you don’t understand. They’ll either talk you through the problem or they won’t, forcing you to go to plan B.


Seek a second opinion

It’s highly likely that the professor assigned to you isn’t the only one teaching your course at college. That’s a lot of students for one person to handle, after all. It’s likely they have several colleagues who are just as highly trained in your chosen subject, and it’s these people you should turn to. Whether you need advice about an assignment or you want to voice your concerns about your professor, they’ll usually try to make time for you. If a student is having trouble in class, it’s their job to fix the issue.

Try to build a relationship

First impressions are incredibly important, especially when it comes to the student-teacher dynamic. However, if you didn’t love your professor after their first lecture, don’t be so quick to judge them. Give yourself a chance to warm up to them, and them to you. If you never allow your professor the opportunity to teach you, a relationship can’t develop between the two of you. Consider asking questions in class and starting debates between the two of you. After all, the best way to make their teaching work for you is to take control of it.


Work through the difficulties

Unfortunately, there will always be some professors you can’t get along with, no matter how hard you try. The important thing is not to dwell on this, though; otherwise, your grades are going to suffer. Sometimes, if you’re not getting the help you need from your professor, you just have to buckle down and work that extra bit harder. There are plenty of resources to help you with studying, from the internet to the library, so finding the information you need shouldn’t be too difficult. You just need to find the motivation to get your head down and do your best.

It’s never easy being at odds with someone, especially when they’re responsible for educating you. However, if you persevere and try to work around the problem, things should still turn out in your favor.