How to survive 8AM lectures

There’s something that unites everybody in the world and that is the hatred for early-morning lectures. The biggest morning person can even attest to the fact that 8 a.m. lectures suck. So, it’s no wonder some people need help getting through lectures. Here are a few ways to survive the dreaded early mornings.

Use sleep cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that measures your sleep rhythms and how well you sleep through the night. It sets an alarm for the time that your sleep cycle is at its lightest. This makes waking up easier. You still have some control over when you wake up as you choose a half an hour interval that the app can wake you up in and there is a way to snooze it. But you won’t need to snooze as you will be woken up at the best time. Even the alarm tones are better than the default ones on our smartphones.

How to survive 8AM lectures

Go to bed earlier

It’s easier said than done but, going to bed earlier especially when staying up late is often the only way to get assignments done or to relax. But for early morning lectures, going to bed late is a no-no. So going to bed before midnight is a reasonable compromise between getting things done and getting a good night’s sleep. It allows for enough sleep that going to the lecture is doable but also provides enough time to get some relaxation in before bed. Struggling to sleep? Stop using the phone 15 minutes before going to bed get a sleep mask. Make the room quiet and dark – no distractions! If it’s still hard to fall asleep try and get natural sleeping remedies like melatonin or chamomile tea.

Don’t bother with getting ready

Trying to look cute when having to wake up early in the morning is futile. But there are ways to ensure looking put-together early in the morning. Set out an outfit the night before so you don’t end up going to the lecture with the same clothes as yesterday.. Most of all, get enough beauty rest so you look fresh-faced and bright-eyed the next morning. Being well-rested is the best beauty secret, so spend more time preparing the night before and spend less time getting dressed in the morning so you’re not late to your 8 a.m. lectures. Like that, you start the day on a good note.

How to survive 8AM lectures

Carpool on the days that you have early mornings, or in general

The perfect way to stay accountable and stop crawling back into bed is carpooling. It’s great for the environment and allows for quality time with friends. It keeps attendance up and no lectures can be missed when sharing the load with someone else. It stops tardiness as we all hate wasting other people’s time. It’s just overall a great idea. Starting the day on the right note makes the lectures bearable and even enjoyable so don’t overlook a good carpool session.

And lastly, coffee – a great alternative to sleep. It gets the day going. In all seriousness ], where there is a will, there is a way. So don’t let the lecture win! Fight back with these tips and carpe diem.