Websites that every college student needs to know

The internet is amazing. Whether you want to shop for new shoes at 3 am on a Sunday night, or binge watch old cartoons – it really can do anything! Although you probably already use it for research when you’re writing papers, there are a whole load of websites that will make your college life a lot easier… Here are just some of them.

Rate My Professors

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with an awful professor for a class, so before you choose, make sure you check what other people have to say on this site. Find out ahead of time whether they’re tough markers, love throwing pop quiz or are willing to be lenient on grades in exchange for homemade cupcakes (if only!).


You’re in college; it’s time to move on from PowerPoint and step up your game. Prezi is free online software that will make your presentations look super sleek and professional and really impress your professors. No more awkward PowerPoint presentations that the rest of your class fall asleep through.


Who has time to read all the books on the recommended reading lists?! With Audible, you can download them as audiobooks and listen while you’re on the treadmill at the gym, or traveling to classes. Make the most of your time and get ahead in your studies. Or just binge-listen to the Harry Potter books… You know, whatever gets you through.

Online Thesaurus

It sounds simple, but this website will help you step up your paper writing game. Switch up words that you use too often and add some variety to your writing. It’s much easier than searching through a paper thesaurus!

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Google Scholar

When you’re writing an essay, search using Google Scholar to find the best in articles, abstracts, and theses from respected academic sources. Much more reliable than Wikipedia! Your professor will think you’ve trawled through hundreds of books in the library, but little do they know…


You can save literally hours writing papers by using this website that will create your citations for you! You can choose whether you need them in Chicago, MLA or APA formats and it covers 59 different options from books and newspapers to databases and websites.

Written? Kitten!

This is one of the best motivational sites you can find on the internet. Every time you get 100 words written, you will be rewarded with a picture of an adorable kitten. Give it a try, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can knock 100 words out!


This is a free website that allows you to set up a profile and use this to apply for entry-level jobs and internships in a whole range of industries. This will make looking for work experience a whole lot easier.

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Keep Me Out

As amazing as the internet is, it’s also incredibly distracting when you’re supposed to be studying to writing a paper! Thankfully, Keep me Out is an addon that will prevent you from visiting distracting websites for a set amount of time, so you can knuckle down and focus.


Create online flashcards that you can take anywhere with you on your mobile phone. Share them with friends, wherever they are, and make studying (almost) fun! What did we ever do without websites like this?!

Dragon Dictation

If you find your brain working faster than your fingers, this dictating program could make writing an essay a whole lot quicker! If you struggle with spelling, this could be a great help to you, or if you find yourself unable to take notes and listen at the same time, this app will turn the audio of a lecture into a script for you to read.

Take advantage of what the internet has to offer regarding tools to help make college life easier for you! Sadly, no website will help you if your roommate never cleans up after himself – you’re on your own for that one.