Should you go to college far from home or stick around?

When you’re choosing which college to attend, you have a lot of decisions to make. After all, college is the place you’re going to spend the next several years, the place you expect to shape your future. You’ll be looking at what the school has to offer and how it suits your goals. Top among the deciding factors will be the location. You can either decide to explore and seek out new beginnings, or you may prefer to stay where it’s familiar and safe, close to home. Both of these options will have an impact on your college life.

Going far from home

Choosing to go to college far from home will give you the chance to start your life as an adult. Going away from your parents or guardians means you’ll be fully responsible for yourself. All the decisions will be yours to make and you’re the one to know how you’ll get from one day to the next. With time, this will allow you to be independent and realize what you’re capable of.

Starting a life away from home also presents a great opportunity to meet new people, discover new areas, and make new friends. You’ll be exposed to different cultures and ideologies, enabling you to grow and learn. This versatility will pay off when you finally get into the job market.

Choosing to study away from home will also present its share of challenges. A new environment full of new people can be a hard thing to get used to, especially when you’re also trying to transition into college life. You won’t have your family’s support and assurance as you go through the tough phases of being a freshman.

On another front, you’ll incur a lot of expenses in terms of travel, board, meals, and other services that you get at no cost at home.

Staying close to home

Deciding to study close to home or while you commute from home also has its pros and cons. Being close to family and friends will definitely help with transitioning into college life. You won’t go through as much stress as you might have if you had gone away. If your college is a short distance from home, you can pay visits whenever you feel the pressure piling up.

There’s also the advantage of not missing any important family events, and always being available in case of an emergency. Costwise, being close to home will save you a lot of money. If you’re staying at home, there will be no extra expenses on room or meals. Everything you need will be available.

The biggest drawback to sticking around home might be the fact that your growth as an adult may be limited. Staying close to home denies you the chance to foster independence and fully discover yourself. It will hardly expand your horizons since you’ll be surrounded by the same people and the same places. You’ll also be tempted to stay at home when not in class, which puts a damper on your chances of bonding with your classmates.

A lot of things may factor in when you finally decide where you want to go to college. Whether you choose to stay close to home or go far away, make sure it’s the best choice for you and your future.