How to organize a get-together with your high school pals

Friends, whether new or old, are an important part of living an enriching and fulfilling life. It would not be wrong to say that high school friends hold a special place in our hearts. They were the ones with whom we spent the most fun and youthful period of our lives, the ones we grew up with, the ones that play an important role in shaping who we are as adults. These friends know us in a way that is different than the friends we make as an adult, since they helped us get through those tough, formative years and stayed by our side through thick and thin.

While some still keep in touch and are still good friends with their high school friends, many lose touch during their college years. If you are among these people, and you wish to contact your high school friends again, a great way to do this is by organizing a get-together. The entire group can meet this way and you’ll have fun just like old times, revisiting old memories and updating each other on your lives. Here are some tips to help you organize a get-together with your high school friends.

How to organize a get-together with your high school pals

Search for them on social media platforms like Facebook

The first and foremost step is to contact your high-school pals. You may not have their contact numbers or addresses, or the information that you have may be outdated. The easiest way to find them is to run a search on common social media sites like Facebook. It’s highly likely that they have a Facebook account. Just type their name and once you identify their account, send them a message. Inform them about your get-together plan and get them on board. They may even be in touch with a few friends you may not be able to find on Facebook.

Create a group chat on a platform that everyone knows how to use

Once you have contacted everyone you would like to attend your get-together, create a group chat on a platform that everyone is familiar with. This greatly facilitates communication within the group, making your planning process much easier. For example, a Facebook group chat, an iMessage group chats or WhatsApp group chats will work perfectly.

How to organize a get-together with your high school pals

Plan well in advance to make sure everyone can make time

Fix a date as soon as possible, and make sure it’s not too soon so that everyone has plenty of time to plan their schedule accordingly so they can attend. Plan every aspect of the get-together in advance, like the venue, if you’re doing it in a hotel or someone’s house, the food and the drinks.

Once the planning is done, sit back and look forward to a day of reminiscing on the good times with people who were once a major part of your life. It can be great to catch up with these people who grew up with you. You never know – you might reconnect with some old friends and turn them into new friends again.