If you want a career that’s rare and valuable, bring something rare and valuable to the table

More often than not, we find ourselves looking at and for the things that the world around us has to offer and forget to think about what we have to bring into the world. Many people have a feeling and the belief that by getting as much as they want and as they can from the world, they can achieve happiness. The contrary may be much truer however. When you have something to give, you find a sense of purpose and what follows after that is happiness.

Photo: BURST

This same school of thought applies when it comes to choosing careers. A lot of people aim to get careers that will elevate their lifestyle and maintain it. A career that will help them live the kind of life they have always desired. One that will not cause them endless stress and fatigue. Something rare and valuable, that will not have them end up like the rest of the overworked, underpaid workforce.

When you get into your career with this mindset, there’s a high probability that you’ll end up like the others who have not yet struck gold doing what you’re now doing. It’s not easy for a career to be rare and valuable, especially when it’s a large industry with millions of players. Going around it the other way round is much easier, and comes with more promises of success and satisfaction. Be the one who’s bringing something that’s rare and valuable to the table.

By providing what is highly necessary but not easily found, you become a gem within the world of your field and the next thing you know it, your career is your best asset.

By getting your skills to another level beyond everyone else’s, you ensure that you’re valuable. You’ll have answers that not everyone at the company can provide. When people are getting laid off, you’re safe because you offer something different. When big decisions are made, your input is valued. When you keep on getting creative and innovative, you become rare. You provide new ways in which to carry tasks and produce better results. You bring to the table something not seen before and meet unmet demands.

Instead of fighting with the masses for recognition where you all have the same skills and qualifications, making yourself an asset to your career will get you where you want to be much faster. In addition, you’ll be spared feelings of despair and pressure that happens when you’re in competition with everyone else.

Photo: BURST

By bringing something valuable and rare to the table, you become useful. Becoming useful means instead of waiting for opportunities to present themselves at your door, you go looking for them. You create them. You take your personal interests, talents and abilities and find ways in which to use them to sharpen your work skills.

By providing the rare and valuable, you make your career what you may have wanted it to be in the first place. Rare and valuable. And what’s more, you’ll absolutely love it.