College sports you didn’t know existed

When we think of college sports, what usually comes to mind is Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Some of us might also think of tennis, table tennis, hockey, and even chess. Nevermind track and swimming. Yes, there are loads of college sports, but not all of them are so well known. There are even some that you probably don’t even know to exist. In this article, we are taking a look at the latter.

Muggle Quidditch

Also known as Ground Quidditch, the game originated in Vermont, at Middlebury College. Since its beginning in 2005, it has gained popularity and can now be found at over 100 colleges across the USA. Starting in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the rules have remained the same, except nobody is “flying” on broomsticks and the golden snitch is a person, not a tiny magical ball with wings. The game is fast-paced and rough, actually quite perfect for the college scene.

College sports you didn’t know existed

Sprint Football

The rules remain the same as regular American Football. But, unlike traditional football that values strength and weight as key player importance, sprint football is all about agility and speed. To qualify to play this game, a player must weigh 178lb or less and have a low body fat percentage. The game was invented nearly 80 years ago in an attempt to let just about anyone play the game. But in all that time, only 10 colleges compete in the league.


Medieval combat is a real thing, and this sport, surprisingly, is played all over the world. Teams will train on combat and war formation techniques and go to battle with other trained teams. Teams will dress in medieval attire and will even role-play during the battle. The weapons are usually foam rubber and relatively harmless, so it’s all about good fun and no one gets hurt… except for the losing team’s ego.


Anyone who has played paintball will tell you how ludicrously fun it is, sometimes painful, but fun. Bringing these skills into a college setting is actually a no-brainer, it’s fast and action-packed. Teams train hard to have a shot at taking home the league championship. There is a serious love for the sport. Some students have based the decision to attend their chosen college on the paintball league offered.

College sports you didn’t know existed


Another virtually unheard of sport at colleges is Cornhole. If you aren’t familiar, this is bean bag tossing. Although this sport doesn’t get the media attention like many other sports, it is still very popular and well received by many colleges. The American Cornhole League, or ACL, is big on promoting the sport and holds an annual league championship every year.

Bass fishing

With about 610 bass fishing teams at colleges across the USA, this is clearly a sport that many have been hooked on for a long time. There are several tournaments across the country throughout the year, so there is always something to look forward to in this sport.

Not everyone is born to be a football star, and not everyone has what it takes to play baseball. One thing is for sure though, colleges across the United States have gone out of their way to ensure that there is a sport available on campus for just about anyone.