A girl with Down Syndrome is determined to live all her dreams

While many of us grow up with our ultimate personal dreams in our head, not everyone has some huge obstacles standing in their way of achieving them. Thankfully, this teenager was about to prove how nothing would hold her back from living all her dreams.

Born to be different

When Kenzie Zacharias was born, her parents didn’t know they were about to welcome a baby with Down Syndrome. Her mother, Kelly, admits that she mourned for her child for 24 hours before she learned that this was her life and there was nothing that was going to hold any of them back. Although they were worried about how the other children at school would treat their new daughter, both Kelly and Joe were about to learn that Kenzie wasn’t going to let anything stand in her way – no matter what it took.

Falling for the sport

Kenzie’s dad, Joe, worked as a water manager for the high school’s football team and she often accompanied her father to practice and games. However, it was not the football that caught Kenzie’s eye, but the cheerleaders keeping them motivated from the sidelines. The 16-year-old was soon hooked and would practice the moves she saw at home in her bedroom. Now, she just needed to find a way to make it onto the team by impressing the other girls on the squad. Kelly and Joe began to panic about their daughter once again.

Making the team

Thankfully, there was no need to worry. In fact, Kenzie was helping her dad when one of the cheerleaders spotted her moves from the sideline. It wasn’t long before the entire squad took their new member under their wing and helped Kenzie learn all the stunts. Now, she can pull off almost everything else the others do and was even named as Athlete of the Week in her school. As if that was not enough, other parents at games have confessed to Kelly and Joe how they love to see Kenzie work her magic on the field.

A new lifestyle

Kenzie has been able to inspire a whole host of people thanks to her dedication to becoming a cheerleader. Her younger sister, Maddie, admits how she loved to see how happy Kenzie is with her new sport – especially as the teen spends so much of her time practicing in her room. Everyone else on the team also has nothing but nice words to say about their friend. Not only does Kenzie cheer for her school, but she will also often be seen encouraging anyone at the match with big hugs and kind words.

This teenager can now wear her high school jersey with pride after working so hard to earn her place on the cheerleading team. Sure, Kenzie could have let anything hold her back, but nothing was too much for her to live her ultimate dream. To top it off, it looks as though everyone can continue to enjoy the warmth and happiness Kenzie radiates from the sidelines.