The most NFL players come from these colleges

For most football players who dream of making it to the NFL, the path is pretty clear. They have to impress at high school, then stand head and shoulders above everyone else at college to get drafted to the big league. It’s not an easy route, and for every player who makes it, many don’t. To give themselves the best chance of making it to the NFL, young athletes want to get into these colleges where most players in the league come from.

Ohio State University

Getting the news they’ve gotten into Ohio State University is sometimes the only thing many young high school football player cares about. There are currently 36 players in the NFL who used to play for The Buckeyes, along with many former stars. Ohio State is a proven route to the big league and players like Orlando Pace, Ed Sabol, and Paul Warfield might never have made it if they didn’t play for The Buckeyes.


University of Florida

Players who make in the NFL from Florida have the amazing atmosphere created in “The Swamp” to thank. There have been many All-Star players to play for the Florida Gators, and the college has proven to be a successful breeding ground for top footballing talent.

Past players include Time Tebow, Danny Wuerffel, Emmitt Smith, and Wilber Marshall. Impressing the coaches at the University of Florida probably means you’re going to be impressing NFL scouts, giving you the best possible chance to make it as a pro. There are currently 38 University of Florida alumni playing as pros in the NFL.

Louisiana State University

The college with the second-most players in the NFL is Louisiana State University, home of the LSU Tigers. There are 40 current players in the league, and over the years there have been several Hall of Fame players to make it in the NFL from LSU.

Players like Jim Taylor and Y. A. Tittle have learned to deal with pressure thanks to playing in front of thousands at the Tiger Stadium. Odell Beckham Jr., Andrew Whitworth, and Tyrann Mathieu all turned out for the Tigers at college before making it big in the league.


University of Alabama

Football players know if they want to get to the NFL, impressing Alabama’s Crimson Tide coaches is their best bet. There are currently 44 NFL players in the league coming from the college, which is the most of any school. Playing for the Crimson Tide not only teaches the players everything they need to make it in the professional game but also how to win.

Young players have to learn to deal with pressure early on, and at Alabama, there is always pressure to win. Past and present Crimson Tide players to make it in the NFL include; Hall of Famers Joe Namath and Derrick Thomas, while current stars like James Carpenter continue to impress.

Becoming a pro football player is never easy, but getting into these schools definitely helps. Impressing at these colleges is not a guarantee for success, but it is pretty much the next best thing.