Top 10 current college football rivalries

College football rivalries have always been pretty intense. Some have even inspired famous sayings that people use to express how competitive a certain situation is.

Here`s a list of the best rivalries in college football right now:

1. Ohio State vs. Michigan

College football fans agree that this is one of the best rivalries that has ever existed. Not only are the teams and their fans rivals on the field, but the tradition extends to their everyday lives as well. Their rivalry is so extreme that fans say that watching an Ohio State vs. Michigan game is even better than the Iron Bowl. Wow, what a statement!

2. Auburn vs. Alabama

This is by far the biggest college football rivalry of all times. The fans and players have no sympathy for each other whatsoever. Talk about rivalry!

Top 10 current college football rivalries

3. USC vs. UCLA

No one seems to care about any other rivalries in Southern California, and everyone has an opinion about it. You either care for one team or the other. If you’re not interested in either, are you even from Southern California?

4. Florida vs. Georgia

hey say some of the greatest football players of all time came from this rivalry. Both teams pride themselves in having some of the loudest fans that have ever existed. Even with the stadium half full, you still feel the competition.

5. Texas vs. Oklahoma

Even though no one has the home-field advantage here, Texas vs. Oklahoma is not only a game, but a social event for most people. The rivalry is as old as anyone can remember and the competition is even greater because the two states have a lot more issues to talk about than just sports.

6. Washington vs. Washington State

Talk about a rivalry that divides a state. The Apple Cup was played for the first time in 1900 and the two teams have been rivals ever since. The game is usually held right after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday. This game is such a big deal that the Apple Cup trophy is handed to the winning team by the state governor himself!

7. Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

This one is considered to be the oldest rivalry in college football. The Badgers vs. the Gophers is the classic border battle. Sometimes, the fans get so excited that they become sensitive to anything the other team has to say, and fights break out.

Top 10 current college football rivalries

8. Iowa State vs. Iowa

Here’s another rivalry that splits a state in half. It’s always quite dramatic to watch this game, since almost every year, there is such a close game. During football season, there is no doubt that this is the number one event to look forward to.

9. Kentucky vs. Louisville

This rivalry refers to the competition between the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Louisville Cardinals. The fact that the two schools are so close to each other makes this rivalry one of the most intense and passionate college football rivalries of all time.

10. Army vs. Navy

As you probably already guessed, we saved the best for last! The Army-Navy game marks the end of the college football regular season and it splits the crowd into Cadets and Midshipmen lovers. Of course, this isn’t just about the game, but the old-as-time rivalry between the United States Armed Forces. Their first meeting was in the 1890s and their rivalry continues to take our breath away with each game.