The untold truth about Todd Chrisley’s kids

The mini moneymakers

Todd Chrisley has grown to become a household name all around the world, but that was all thanks to his millions of dollars earned in real estate. Now, we get to watch as he and his family take on the world of reality TV. Although Todd is one of the most eccentric and entertaining people on television, he would be nowhere without his incredible family. So how much do we know about the untold truth about Todd Chrisley’s kids? Perhaps there is more lying beneath the surface than we thought…

The youngest of the bunch

Grayson Chrisley might be the newest addition to the siblings, but he has already made quite the impact on the rest of his family. Although Grayson is now 12 years old, he first appeared on the show when he was 7, and we’ve been able to learn a whole host of unbelievable facts ever since. Grayson has got to enjoy all aspects of his glam lifestyle, including getting his first cell phone when he was just four years old. We wonder, who he was texting?

Rise to fame

Savannah Chrisley is the 21-year-old youngest daughter of Todd. There might be a big age gap between Savannah and her youngest brother, but she has offered plenty to keep everyone entertained in her years in between. The star admits she was always the shy one throughout her childhood. However, she was able to use beauty pageants as a way to gain confidence and even won Miss Tennessee Teen USA back in 2015. Sadly, Savannah admits her time in the limelight means she’s had to grow up pretty quickly.

Blink and you miss it

Back in January 2017, Savannah hit the headlines for a life-changing reason: she was involved in a near-fatal car accident. The TV star was driving her car when all of a sudden the mat got caught underneath her pedals. Savannah claims she looked down for a moment to see if she could free the mat and looked up to see her vehicle hurtling towards the guide rails. Before she knew it, the car was crashing, and there was nothing she could do.

Fighting off the claims

Although Savannah released a full statement about what happened in the accident, many believed the youngster had been texting on her phone, and that was the real reason she crashed. Thankfully, Todd and her mom, Julie, gave Savannah their full support throughout the whole ordeal. In fact, they both rushed to the hospital a soon as they heard the news and denied any rumors that Savannah’s tale wasn’t the entire truth. It seems as though family matters to the Chrisley rabble.

The extent of the damage

As soon as Savannah made it to the hospital, the staff realized she was in a serious way. It was touch and go. Savannah reports she couldn’t feel her fingers or hands, and had intense pain in her back, shoulders, and neck. It turned out the youngster had broken a vertebrae. Thankfully, the doctors estimate she will be able to make a full recovery. All Savannah needed to do was rest and focus on her exercises. With a supportive family by her side, it seemed as though she was in the best place possible.

Making new threads

Thankfully, Savannah has had plenty to keep her busy since her accident. In July 2017, the star brought out her own clothing line named Faith Over Fear. Savannah admitted she wanted to inspire the next generation of people with the little words of wisdom she often lives by throughout her life. As if that wasn’t enough, Savannah had the full support of Todd who has been there since the launch to help guide and advise his daughter.

The middleman

Chase is the 22-year-old son of the show that somehow always managed to bring the entire family together. Chase is often shown to be close with his sister, Savannah, and their strong relationship could be about to have major payoffs for the pair. It’s rumored there is a brand new spin-off reality show titled Growing Up Chrisley that’s in the works. The series is set to follow the lives of Savannah and Chase as they enter college.

Creating waves

Although Chase is in his early-20s, he is still considered to be the mischievous troublemaker of the show who loves nothing more than to prank his family and cause mayhem. However, Chase is still often referred to as the favorite child. Perhaps this is because he is a mini version of Todd himself? Chase always had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player while he was a child, but it seems as though he’s taken well to a life of showbiz.

Making the big bucks

Believe it or not, but even the favorite child can create waves amongst the family every now and then. Chase once arrived home with a biblical verse tattooed down the side of his body. Todd was horrified. In fact, the star of the show was so disgusted with the piece he offered Chase and brand new Range Rover if he got the ink removed. Thankfully, Chase had already decided to laser away the piece but was grateful to have turned a $300 tattoo investment into a $140,000 car.

Disappearing act

Kyle is the Chrisley child that many of us have heard about over the years. However, it’s not his great family relationship that has got us talking. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Kyle is now 27 years old but first appeared on the show back in season one. It wasn’t long before he disappeared amongst claims he had decided to take a different career in life. Although Todd claimed it was a simple leave, Kyle reported that it was his father that pushed him out the show.

Searching for help

Unfortunately, Kyle was just 19 years old when he first checked into rehab. After years of substance abuse, the teen admitted he needed to turn his life around. However, rather than bringing the family together, it only caused a bigger rift between him and his dad. Todd claimed he was paying out millions on the best treatment for his son, when, in reality, he had been avoiding the bill. The rehab center ended up suing the Chrisleys, with Todd having to hand over $24,000.

Fighting fire with fire

Kyle and Todd’s difficult relationship continued to brew for many years. In 2014, Kyle had even more fuel to add to the fire. The star announced his father was the one behind the entire show and would script what everyone could and couldn’t say. Kyle went on to add that if people went against Todd’s wishes or broke his rules, they were immediately out. However, Todd denied any of this being true and claimed it was a way for Kyle to ruin the series.

Another one to the family

While Kyle’s time on the show might have been rocky, it seemed as though things weren’t about to get any easier in his private life. Kyle had been in a relationship with Angela Johnson when they welcomed a daughter named Chloe. However, Kyle claimed his father was about to use Chloe as a way to boost the show’s ratings. It seems like he didn’t mind demanding money, though, as reports soon surfaced that Kyle was going to sue Todd if he didn’t get paid for Chloe’s acting.

Getting back control

Things might have been strained between Todd and Kyle, but it seems as though only father knows best when it comes to getting custody of your daughter. At least, his wallet does anyway. Kyle was denied visitation rights so asked for Todd to step in and help. However, what really happened was Kyle ended up assisting Todd to gain full custody of Chloe instead. Now, he was left to watch a man he spent years fighting with raise his own daughter.

Moving on in life

It’s easy to say that life has been pretty tough for Kyle over the years, but could he have finally found someone to help him out of the darkness? Kyle has since gone on to get married to a woman named Lexi, and the pair share a dog, Milo. The family of three live on a large estate where Kyle has since cut all contact with his family while also keeping away from the media limelight and everyone to do with the Chrisleys.

The oldest sibling

Lindsie is the eldest of all the Chrisley children and is currently 28 years old. While it might seem as though she has escaped a lot of the drama thanks to her brother, Kyle, Lindsie has had plenty of her own troubles to deal with. As a child, the youngster was caught up in her mom, Teresa, and dad’s divorce. Things weren’t straightforward as Teresa claims Todd kidnapped their daughter before she could leave which is why she only took Kyle.

Pushed from pillar to post

Lindsie has reported that she has always felt like an outcast compared to the other members of her family. Even so, Julie stepped up and adopted the star as her own daughter after bringing her up for many years. It seems as though growing up in the middle of a custody battle was enough to leave Lindsie in search of somewhere to call home. However, Todd was accused of creating deliberate loopholes in the custody agreement that meant her biological mother was kept away.

Eloping for love

Lindsie had been in a relationship with Will Campbell for many years, but both of them managed to upset Todd in January 2012 when they ran away to get married. After years of a roller coaster relationship, the couple eventually divorced in 2016. Lindsie claims Will was her first love and that they will remain friends for their son. Unfortunately, it seems as though they just couldn’t make their relationship work. All of this was a massive disappointment to Todd.

Burning family bridges

While Todd might have been upset about the secret marriage and subsequent divorce in the beginning, it seems as though he soon got over his feelings when he thought of the ratings for the show. It’s reported that Todd asked his daughter if he could use the breakdown of her marriage as a plot for part of the show, but Lindsie refused. It’s said this is what caused her to walk away from the series, and why she no longer mentions them or the show on social media.

A whole new direction

It seems as though rather than focusing on her time on the show, Lindsie now has plenty of new adventures up her sleeve. The youngster has since teamed up with Kailyn Lowry who rose to fame as part of another reality show, Teen Mom 2. The pair have joined forces to create a podcast dedicated to being young, working parents who know what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight. Perhaps Lindsie will let slip even more secrets about her superstar family?