How to fit all your travel gear in a carry on bag

You’re ready to head off traveling, but you somehow find you need a huge suitcase to make it through your travels? Dragging a huge bag behind you probably isn’t the best way to make it through your adventures. However, learning how to fit all your travel gear in a carry bag could be the answer.

Bigger isn’t always better

Although it might seem as though the bigger the bag, the more you’ll be able to fit in, we need to remember how far we will be carrying these bags. Bigger bags could be more uncomfortable and tempt us into taking way more on our travels than we actually need. It’s about packing smartly – not as much as we can.


Cut clothes in half

No, not literally. It’s best to start by laying out all the clothes you want to take on your travels and then cut the list in half. The chances are that you won’t need all of those outfits. Instead, opt for clothes that you can easily mix and match with one another rather than those that can only be worn once while away.

Roll your clothes

Once you have all of the clothes that you’re going to take, it’s time to roll them up into tight little parcels. This can be great for many reasons. It makes clothes easier to pack, it stops them from getting creased along the way, and it can protect other items in your bag as a layer of padding.

Go digital

While many of us love the feel and smell of a good book, they can take up a lot of room when we’re trying to pack lightly. Thankfully, there are many digital books, meaning you can download thousands of books and take them all around the world – all without any extra weight.

Spread the weight

One of the biggest things about taking all your travel gear in a carry on bag is making sure that you’re able to carry it on all around the world. That means learning how to distribute the weight throughout the bag. Believe it or not, but the bottom of your bag should be used for lighter items while the middle is perfect for heavier items as they are easier to carry when they’re close to your body.


Use pockets

Not all bags come with hidden pockets to help keep things safe and secret. Zipping things like your passport, any change, or chargers for your electronics can be a simple way to keep things safe without having to take any extra bags for storing them, or compromising on your bag for one with extra pockets.

Use compression bags

Most of the time, compressing things can help to save plenty of space without even trying. Compression bags are a great way to squeeze out all that extra air without having to try too hard. The best bit? They’ll even help to stop anything leak out onto the rest of your clothes if you make sure to wrap them all up away from your shampoo and conditioner, or anything else that could leak.

Sometimes, we all need to learn how to save a little space when it comes to traveling. Thankfully, we don’t always need to take our entire house with us when we head off on our travels. In fact, it might not be long before you learn how to fit all your travel gear in a carry on bag to save yourself all that extra weight.