Summer road trip ideas

Road trips are basically every student’s dream; we live for the moment summer hits and the road trip season starts! Not everyone is lucky enough to go on a road trip, after all, it takes a lot of preparation and savvy to plan one. Of course, some people like to think that it would be more fun to take the bare essentials and leave on an impromptu trip to nowhere, in particular, taking everything as it comes. While this might be a romantic Hollywood notion, it’s not safe nor practical to do so; there are plenty of horror films based on this concept, haven’t you seen the movie Hostel? With that established, here are some super fun summer road trip ideas to inspire you.

Photo: BURST

City to city

Obviously where you start matters, but you will always find a decent road map to major cities. If you’re studying in a major city then if you look for your next nearest major city, then you have a road trip destination! One example is from New York to Boston, it’s not too long, but it’s still long enough to be a road trip, and you get to see some pretty awesome things along the way. Of course, if you’re feeling brave, you could set your destination to be a major city further afield, and mapping the route of your stops along the way. Cities are the perfect landmarks for a fantastic road trip.

The overseas highway

There are some spectacular views out there, and some of them are just a road trip away. If you travel along the overseas highway, you will see some fantastic things. This road trip is from Miami to Key West and directs you across 42 bridges in total. If you prefer a landlocked road trip, then this isn’t the one for you. This is one for someone who wants to see the Atlantic ocean, enjoying the exciting idea of hopping from island to island while watching the open seas pass you by. This is a unique road trip and is definitely one to consider.

San Francisco to Salt Lake City

This is a very specific road trip idea, but it’s a route well traversed and allows you to see some of the most iconic sites in the world. This route begins in the incredible San Francisco before taking you to Lake Tahoe and the world-renowned Yosemite National Park. That’s not even the best part; you will also get to pass through Death Valley before going to the Grand Canyon! You will effectively get to see some of the world’s most fascinating places before making your way up to Salt Lake City.

Photo: BURST

The coastal route

Take the coastal route down California, going from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Many people may have been to California, but have they traveled down from coast to coast? Probably not, this will be your chance to take the Pacific highway and see all the best the Californian coast has to offer; could it get any better than that?

No matter where you start, there’s always somewhere to be discovered along the way. The main part is to have fun along the way!